Dear Applicants!

This page is dedicated to help to take the first steps after your official notification about your results of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme 2016.

Here you can download and share a PDF-guide about the acceptance of your scholarship:
Guide for new scholarship holders about accepting the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship 2016 - (PDF)

Here you can download and share a PDF-guide about the acceptance of scholarship for syrian scholarship holders - (PDF)

Here you can download the template of the document about the declaration of your acceptance of the scholarship:
Declaration of acceptance of scholarship form - (PDF)


Below you can find the most important outlines from the downloadable Guide:


The 4 different options in the final results:

 YES – You won the scholarship. Now you need to start the administrative procedures by upload the official declaration of acceptance, accept the scholarship in Chronos application system, and then download your Letter of Award that you need for your visa-procedure.

CONDITIONAL – You are only one step away from the scholarship. You need to upload your missing study or language certificate and then follow the instructions above.

WAITING LIST– You can receive the scholarship only if a scholarship holder step back in the ranking list and you can take this place. If you happened to be informed that you can be a scholarship-holder, then start the above mentioned procedure as soon as possible.

NO – In this case, unfortunately you did not receive the scholarship. You can try to apply for the next annual round.


Now the scholarship-holders are facing to the following steps:

  • submit the missing documents (if needed)
  • download the document about the declaration of acceptance of the scholarship print it, sign it, scan it and
  • …upload it to the online application system, and…
  • …don’t forget to click „I accept the scholarship”!
  • then: download your official Letter of Award, and…
  • …your university will send you their official Letter of Admission.
  • Finally, with the Letter of Award and the Letter of Admission…
  • …you can start your visa-procedure!


If you have received the scholarship (4 steps checklist):

1. Acceptance of the scholarship

 We need an official statement from you to declare if you do want to take this scholarship or do not.

>> Declaration of acceptance of scholarship form - (PDF) <<

Open the above-mentioned document. Print it, sing it with blue ink and make a scanned copy of it.


Then you have to enter to your profile on the application system: and find the following page:

Upload there your previously printed-signed-scanned declaration to the uploading box
(Looks like this: )

After choose: ’Yes, I accept’, then submit it on the blue ’Action’ button.


If you decided to step back from the scholarship and do not want to take it, then please also let us know there. Go to the online application system:

And then choose: ’No, I decline’


2. Download your Letter of Award:

After you accepted the scholarship, you can get your Letter of Award – an official online document, issued by the Tempus Public Foundation. With this document you can start you visa procedure at the Hungarian Embassy. With this document, as a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship-holder, your visa will be issued by an accelerated procedure.

Go to the page:

Your login name is: your e-mail address

Your password is: your applicational number


3. Receive your Letter of Acceptance from your University

Your university will send you a similar official document like the Letter of Award – this one is to declare from their side that they are ready to accept you as their student during your studies.


4. Start your visa-procedure at the Hungarian embassy/consulate

Finally, with the Letter of Award and the Letter of Acceptance, you can start your visa-procedure. With these two official documents your visa will be issued by an accelerated procedure.

You may use the website of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Last modified: 30-08-2016