Results of the 2017-2018 Application Round

First decision - June

We are pleased to announce that the first decision about the Stipendium Hungaricum applicants have been made on 15th June 2017. It means that there is a decision about the 2/3rd of all nominated applicants who participated in the institutional entrance examination.

Please note that due to the very high number of applicants, our office is extremely busy in these days. We are currently informing the Sending Partners and the host institutions about the examination results and the applicants can expect to be officially informed (by email) about the allocation decision results from 19th June.

Please download our Guide for Applicants about the meaning of the results and further details: click here!

In case you received your official notification letter and you got accepted (or conditionally accepted) for the scholarship, please visit this section (click here) of our website to find information about the next steps you will have to do (such as accepting your scholarship offer and downloading your Letter of Award or - for some students - uploading your missing documents).


Second decision - July

There will be a second decision about the rest of the applicants in July. It is because in some special cases and study programmes, the entrance examinations or their evaluations are still ongoing - because of this, it was impossible to make a final allocation decision about these applicants. If you are one of these students, you will not receive a official notification letter in the following 2 weeks and you can expect to be informed in the second half of July. Thank you for your patience! 


4 types of final results

Applicants can receve a notification letter about 4 different types of allocation results.

  • YES – Now you are a Scholarship Holder. You need to start the administrative procedures by upload the official declaration of acceptance, accept the scholarship in the online application system, and then download your Letter of Award that you need for your visa application process. Please visit this section of our website.
  • CONDITIONAL YES – You are only one step away from the scholarship. You need to upload your missing documents (study or language certificate, other requested documents) and then follow the instructions on this section of our website.
  • RESERVE LIST: You are only one step away from the scholarship. You are on the waiting list. It means that if any scholarship holder withdraws his/her scholarship, applicants from the reserve list will be chosen. In the case you receive a scholarship status due to any withdrawals; you are going to be informed by us via email.
  • NO – In this case, unfortunately you did not receive the scholarship. However, we would like to encourage you to try and apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship again next year.

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