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As per the decision of the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MIT) of 25 June 2020, the travel bans lifted on 15 March 2020 are now released, so scholarship mobilities are open again.

Partner hír | 10.06.2020.

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The courses Hebrew Summer Ulpan brings students from around the world to the University of Haifa to study Hebrew in one of the most effective language learning programs in Israel. From total beginners to advanced learners, from up to age 18.

News | Higher education

Altogether, 114 European higher education institutions from 24 member states are represented in the new programme of the European Commission. Due to the initiative called 'European Universities', launched last year, the projects of 17 international alliances can be launched in the near future. As many as five alliances with a Hungarian member received funding, making Hungary the sixth most successful country in the EU.