Tempus Public Foundation

H-1077 Budapest, Kéthly Anna tér 1.
Postal address: H-1438 Budapest 70, PO Box. 508. 

Phone: (+36 1) 237-1300, fax: (+36 1) 239-1329 
Infoline: (+36 1) 237-1320 

E-mail: info{at}tpf.hu 


Stipendium Hungaricum Programme Unit

E-mail: stipendiumhungaricum{at}tpf.hu

Stipendium Hungaricum Hotline: +36-1-236-5040

Skype: stipendiumhungaricum
(only during office hours Monday-Thursday 8:30-17:00, Friday 8:30-14:30 Central European Time – UTC+1)

Website of the Programme: www.stipendiumhungaricum.hu

Contact our colleagues directly

Along with the special personal appointments, the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme’s Office provides Open Hours three times a week:

  • Tuesdays (10am-12pm)
  • Wednesdays (10am-12pm)
  • Thursdays (10am-12pm)

IF YOU ARE IN HUNGARY, and you need a personal appointment at our office in Budapest, please sign-up for it here.

If you are NOT in Hungary and need information, then please send us an e-mail (stipendiumhungaricum{at}tpf.hu) or contact us on SKYPE (stipendiumhungaricum).


Higher Education Unit

Contact our colleagues directly

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