News | Higher education

The 8th ASEF Regional Conference on Higher Education (ARC8) is taking place virtually on Friday, 10 September 2021. Titled “Outlook 2030: Inclusive and Diverse Higher Education in Asia and Europe”, the conference invites Asian and European higher education and student leaders, policymakers and experts to leverage on the current COVID-19 disruption and put the values of inclusion and equity in the center of their recovery roadmap.

News | Vocational education and training

How can effectively co-operate the fields of education and the world of work? How can companies and enterprises get more interested in dual training? These were the main issues of the conference on 11-12 June 2015 in Budapest, attended by 95 participants, representing 10 European countries. The event was organised by the Austrian, Romanian and Hungarian Erasmus+ national agencies, with the support of the NetWBL international network.